We can help with

I can assist you to make a fully informed decision concerning your mortgage with your particular needs and circumstances.
I have an intimate knowledge and overview of what various mortgage-lending institutions can offer you. I will advise you on the availability, costs, terms and conditions offered by them.

I will help you to determine whether you qualify for a home loan and what price ranges you should be looking at for your dream home purchase.

How Does It Work?

• I will meet you at a time and place which suits you best.

• I will discuss all aspects of mortgage finance and structure and help you to select the right lender.

• I will file your loan application with the specific bank/lender.

• I will advise you on the fixed and floating rates and show you ways of repaying your mortgage quicker with a tailored financial solution.

Here’s what you need to provide!

· Copy of Identification (2 types): Driver’s license & passport. If you are an immigrant, a copy of your residency certificate is required as well.

· Confirmation of Income: Two recent pay slips, a copy of your employment contract or a letter from your employer. If self-employed, provide copies of your last two years’ financial accounts

· Proof of Deposit: i.e. bank statements or term deposit receipts. We need to confirm your savings trends.

· Three (3) Months’ Bank Statements: We need to confirm your income and any financial commitments you may have.

· Sale and Purchase Agreement: A copy of the sale & purchase agreement signed by both parties

· Property Valuation: Depending on the age of the government valuation (GV) in conjunction with the amount required to borrow, we may require a registered valuation (RV).

What will this cost you?

Nothing! My service to you is COMPLETELY FREE and will cost you no more than if you would approach the Bank directly. The lenders pay me commission on the success of your application.

This means, I really do work harder for your interest.